Recent work by Antony Gormley has extended his oeuvre to include inspiring explorations of architectural space. Previously known for reductive figures cast from his own body and larger scale figures such as “Angel of the North”, Gormley has begun to investigate a more abstract spatial language that engages with the gallery and the viewer.

ken iphone dec12A

Clearing V 2009                                        Photo Markus Tretter

The “Clearing” series of installations occupy the rectilinear gallery spaces with a chaotic curving line. Gormley wanted to challenge the static single-point perspective with a space-time continuum of dynamic vector fill. 12.7mm square aluminium tube loops continuously for 11km through the space.


Clearing IV 2005                                      Photo Stephen White

breathing room IV

Breathing Room IV (Brasilia) 2012      Photo Joana Franca

The “Breathing Room” series of installations allows the observer to simultaneously experience several interpenetrating orthogonal spaces defined by linear frames. Each space is concentric and has equal volume but with differing proportions. At…

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