Luis Barragan’s Cuadra San Cristobal (or Egerstrom House) in Mexico City is one of the great pieces of post-war modern architecture. The Cuadra, built in 1968 for Folke Egerstrom, consists of a family house and an equestrian centre over an area of three hectares. I was recently made aware that the property is being marketed for €10m (£8.1m) through Christies Real Estate. (link to property details)

Barragan Cuadra Cristobal Stables Colour 3

In late 2011 on a visit to Casa Barragan, the architects own house and studio, (link to Archdaily building study) we were given an email address and told it was possible to arrange a tour of the Cuadra through this contact. Access to the complex was amazing. First we passed the ‘Fuente de los Amantes’, which is located on the same gated street, then through the strong white perimeter wall, the entrance giving nothing away about the nature of the spaces within, then across the threshold into the first of the interior…

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