Weil Arets - precast concrete - 50 Shades of grey

Seduction: the substance of style.

Whilst pondering the merits of a building design during its inception, a well known Architect commented to me ‘seduction is everything’. His point was that no matter the merits of a particular design, if it doesn’t immediately grab the viewer, it would be rejected in favour of one that did. The way to create this immediate preference was by seducing the observer by the simplicity/ complexity/ wit/ sophistication/ novelty or other attractive characteristic of the design.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin created a concept to describe this paradox, ‘Franklin’s Gambit’. This describes the way we post rationalise decisions that have already been made, even if elaborate or sophisticated evaluation techniques are employed. We tend to make the evaluation fit the decision that has already been made.

The German Architect Günther Behnisch is famous for his groundbreaking Deconstructivist Architecture which he created during the latter decades of the…

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