Representing a lost Georgian artefact.


Next week, my ‘Pope’s Urn’ sculpture will be officially unveiled as the centrepiece of Champion’s Wharf, a new public park in Twickenham. ‘Pope’s Urn’ is a contemporary representation of a Georgian urn and is part of an ensemble, created in partnership with text-based art consultants, Poet in the City, to celebrate the work of Alexander Pope, Twickenham’s famous former resident. The original ‘Pope’s Urn’ was installed by Pope in the gardens of Hagley Hall in Worcestershire and was inscribed with a tribute to Pope after his death in 1744. The original is now lost, however it was recorded in the painting by David Parkes.IMG_5909

The challenge in representing the lost urn was not to overstate the certainty of its form. The original details of decorative carving are ambiguous and mere pastiche would be uninteresting. The general profile is clearly evident and allowed an honest reductive form…

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